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Hotels for the Birds & Bees

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

There are some hotels taking this whole ‘let’s be friends with our habitat’ concept way too seriously.

Homewood Suites by Hilton in Denver

Homewood Suites by Hilton in Denver

Exhibit A: Homewood Suites (Denver) – One week ago, a pair of Canadian Geese swooped into the parking lot at this airport hotel in Denver and started building a nest (see video).

While the sign above their nest clearly says ’Reserved for Guests,’ it’s possible that the duck on the hotel sign may have mislead them into thinking it was a hotel for birds.

So they start chasing away people who came within pecking range. Just in case the message wasn’t clear enough, the male also starts jumping on cars parked too close to their new extended stay nest.

In this showdown of the Geese vs Guests, the dastardly hotel staff decided to side with the Geese, and blocked off  parking spaces around the nest with traffic cones. What’s more, they’re now feeding crackers and bread to the Geese. No rent either.

Exhibit B: The Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver – There are six beehives choc-a-bloc full of 390,000 honey bees in this hotel’s 2,100 sq ft herb garden on the third floor terrace. In case that’s not enough, the hotel has also put up bird baths to add to the cacophony.

Herb Garden, Fairmont Waterfront In Vancouver

Herb Garden, Fairmont Waterfront In Vancouver

Even worse, they’re rubbing it in with a package deal for The Birds and The Bees. Book this package, and you get:-

- Overnight accommodation
- Full buffet breakfast for two adults in Herons Restaurant 
- Chef’s honey-themed welcome amenity 
- Herb Garden Tour including a visit to the beehives

Herb gardens, beehives, bees & honey, bird baths, herons restaurant… This is one hotel which is beyond redeem - gone to the birds and the bees.

Photo credits:- Homewood – 9News; Herb Garden – Fairmont

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