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A Positive Routine—The Meridian Clock.

Friday, October 30th, 2009
Since I returned from my short excursion from Turkey, I have been easing into a positive daily routine. I am determined to maintain a positive daily routine; bad habits are easy to acquire and once a habit becomes a rut, changing can be challenging among the similar geographic location. However, this is not the case amongst my lifestyle within this non-progressive Bulgarian village. I did say to myself that if I would slide into an unwanted rut, I would seek a departure.

I have studied the meridian clock since I learnt the rotation in massage school. Understanding the meridian clock and respecting its natural flow can assist a person in their well-being.

Bulgaria switched to standard time last weekend, which I don't mind. From 0700 to 1100, the spleen and stomach organs which relate with the wood meridian are active. It makes sense, it's the time most people get up and break their overnight fast. Before 0700 the large intestine is active which motivates the morning elimination. The best time to wake up is between 0700 and 0800 in relation to the meridian clock.

I am the most productive in writing and website building between 0700 and 1100. I have stopped drinking black tea in the morning. I started a new hearty drink of hot milk,, honey and fresh mint, totally enjoyable.

The fire Meridian is active in relation with the heart and small intestine between 1100 and 1500. This is the best time to accomplish a task or physical labor. At 1100 I visit the local library where there is fast DSL and will be warm in the winter for one hour. The doors are shut from 1200 until 1400, so I head home and cook some lunch and will accomplish any tasks that are in need, and if I have a cup of black tea, British or Arab style, I will enjoy the tea within the time of 1200 and 1400, however, this is not a daily drink, but an occasional treat. Caffeine addiction is predominately prevalent among the world. Commonly, from observation, multitudes will awake and break their overnight fast with a cup of coffee, or unsophisticatedly, multitudes. In the morning our chemistry is vulnerable to addiction. It is a healthy benefit to have a breakfast prior to drinking a caffeine product. Foremost, during the active fire meridian is prime time to drink caffeine.

The water meridian is active that relates with the bladder and kidney meridian between 1500 and 1900. This is a natural siesta time of the day. I am sure you notice the energetic change around 1600, it is the most non-productive time of the day. Note that the water meridian is active between the active fire meridians.

At 1900 the fire meridian is active, again, until 2300. However, this time there are different organs active; the sex organs from 1900 - 2100 and the thyroid and adrenals from 2100 - 2300. Have you ever wondered why people are motivated for entertainment in the evening? Among the younger generation this inner motivation is clearly proven, although, unaware, the active sex organs and the thyroid gland are the inner cause. Is your pet actively high-spirited in the evenings, my cat is crazily playful in the evening, and he naps every day between 1400 and 1800

The daily meridian clock makes sense and generates a healthy disposition, unfortunately, though, the majority of humanity is unaware the natural rhythm of the meridians. Possibly this could explain why multitudes of people experience "a bad day". In the morning, we eliminate and eat after fasting throughout the night. Fire is active that provides the best time to work, and then the water meridian is a natural break throughout the day. In the evening couples may have dinner, entertainment, and sex. What a perfect day!

2300 hundred is the best time to go to sleep, between 2300 and 0300 the wood meridian is active that relates to the liver and gall bladder. Partying into the early hours in the morning can be unhealthy. The reason debauchery may occur during the night with people that are drinking is that the liver is active between 0100 and 0300, and the liver relates with anger and resentment along with a host of other negative emotions.

Between 0300 and 0700, the metal meridian that relates with the lung and large intestine is active. Have you ever wondered why a large amount of people wake up around 0400? The lung meridian is active, however, the similar emotions are Dogmatically Positioned and Grief. Considering that an immense amount of humanity is Dogmatically Positioned from the falsehood the world teaches through the media and religion; there shouldn't be a wonder why people wake up during the active lung meridian. Dogmatically Positioned negatively generates grief. In addition, that a majority of humanity smokes that effects the lung organ. Between 0500 and 0700, the large intestine organ and meridian are active. The coldest time of the night is during the hours of 0500 and 0600. The active large intestine organ preps our morning elimination of waste.

* If you experience a slothful energetic shutdown during the active fire meridian (1100-1500) this means your fire energy is imbalanced. This imbalance could be from a congested emotional reality. The fire meridian relates with large variety of negative emotions that included Lost, Abandon, absent mindedness, depleted. It could also mean your water meridian is imbalanced if you are lethargic during the fire meridian and energetic during the active water meridian.

** An over active fire meridian can lead to depletion, balance is the key.

*** Sleeping through the morning into the fire meridian can be very unhealthy. Drinking and partying into the early morning hours is extremely unhealthy; observe people that live that type of lifestyle and who sleep through the earth meridian.

Recognizing the energetic dynamics of the meridian clock of the natural human rhythm of the day can assist in well being for our human chemistry.

An Introspective Outlook—Bulgaria.

Friday, October 23rd, 2009
Leaving for a time to a country that expresses a different character, belief system, energy, and mind-set, and then returning to Bulgaria is providing an introspective outlook. The atmosphere of the winter's nest is private and mostly quite. It would make all the difference if the house were one kilometer out of the village. However, it is not; the house is within the village. Even though I live on a good street with nice neighbors, indeed though, the village is negative. I find it astonishing how the populace of a village, country, and culture can allow the powers of negativity to befall their personage. A clear result of watching negative passive television and utter boredom. Boredom leads to gossip. Gossip if not restrained leads into mocking, labeling, ridiculing; an unbridled tongue leads into a heart of jealousy and envy. Observing the negative entrainment of the Bulgarians generally, there is no wonder why this country progresses slowly. However, the negativity within the village is at an extreme.

The domination of the darkness (negativity) is an extremely powerful force. I have observed people experience an unwanted disagreeable situation and allowed the negative forces browbeat the unaware individual. Indeed, awareness of the powers behind the negative and positive energies is crucial. Yet, many individuals allow negativity into their lives through music, television, movies, and may choose atmospheres that the undercurrent of energy is an entrainment of negativity. It is an ironic concept, although affirmative. There are some people that prefer negativity, like a snake enjoying his dark hole. The predominant power of negativity within each area is a common theme throughout my travels, some locations are more unpleasant that are oppressed with a strong level of negativity. Contemplating that this whole world is under the domination of the wicked lower entities—the observation of negativity should not come as a surprise.

I am eagerly awaiting the cold winter; it will shut everyone inside. I will be set up to the point of having to head into the neighboring town once a week. This summer the village was slightly energetically draining, yet with school in session, and the cold slowly arriving everybody has slowed down wanting my attention. There are only a few situations that will force me to leave earlier than the spring: a kaput boiler, the water pipes freezing, or an allergy striking my senses. An allergy for myself is from an unfavorable atmosphere. Before I left Santa Cruz I was afflicted with an allergy for one year, which started exactly after my seven year mark of living in Santa Cruz. I found an acupuncturist that treated my system for a host of different allergies, however, this allergy was an atmospheric allergy that departed my chemistry once I departed from the area.

Even though there is a high percentage of negativity within the culture of Bulgaria, once a person is established, Bulgaria can be a pleasant place to reside. If a person wants to let their life pass-by like a mosquito bitting the behind of the flesh, then great, Bulgaria is for you; it is an easy place to let days just pass by eating sunflower seeds, and it seems like a twinkle of the eye. Having said that, it does depend on the disposition of the individual, for many expats Bulgaria is a great place to reside.

Back at the Winter Nest—Bulgaria.

Monday, October 19th, 2009
I am back at the winter nest in Bulgaria. After ten days, it is much colder and I did fire-up the wood burning stove. I can say that this stove will be extremely efficient, and burning coal is the ultimate; coal burns hotter and much slower than wood. My cat is extremely jubilant concerning my return; he stayed in the house all day mingling and fraternizing my legs and sleeping on my bed. However, the outdoor experience in the rain and chilliness is good for him. When I leave for a week in January, he will get a great experience of growth being out in the winter. The neighbor girls stopped over twice a day to feed him, and the five year old boy across the street didn't hang little Misty. I don't think the little brat could catch Misty, although he has caught birds and strung them around the neck for a slow death. One aspect about cats, they are incredible survivors in the cold, rain, and snow.

The discrepancies, culturally, between Turkey and Bulgaria is extraordinary, in the context that there is only a minor comparison. The main aspect of Turkey is the dogmatically positioned nature resulting from the powers of programed indoctrination of Islam—the positives and negatives exist. The Turkish people are pleasant and friendly, and Turkey is an easy country to visit compared to Egypt. From my village, Istanbul is only a six-hour bus ride. I did want to return to an area where I visited prior to grasp the perception of familiarity and the dynamics upon return to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a strange country in reference to the easy going cultural disposition. Bulgaria is refreshing after ten days among a dogmatically positioned culture. I've adverted to prior that once a person is set-up, and not need to cause a complication by accomplishing a task, or dealing with the bureaucracy of the country; Bulgaria is an amiable place to experience and dwell. I found it refreshing to return. Even my village, with the streets lined with cow shit, and many village dwellers ignorant and negative; the traditional lifestyle and familiarity of my neighbors, and their strange social behavior is a relaxed comical event. Although, after time spent, the atmosphere in Bulgaria transmutes. My English friends in the mountains commented concerning the impression of first arrival, return, or a continued stay. They live 16 kilometers from the town where I house sat for five weeks. When I visited two weeks ago, the beautifully isolated area is extremely refreshing. But, living there an extended time, the area can become oppressive because of its isolation and the dilatory progression of Bulgaria. The dynamic of the dilatory progression in Bulgaria is what causes a burdensome energetic undercurrent. However, the nonchalant mind-set—if balanced—is attractive, suitably, balance is the key, which is not always attained from the locals.

The positive side of the Bulgarian culture in respects to the humor, the friendliness, and lenient perspective stance I experience to be pleasant.

Excellent Cuisine—Konya!

Friday, October 16th, 2009
Yesterday I arrived in Konya enjoying some excellent cuisine. I met a nice guy from Belgian that travels a month at a time to different locations. He traveled Iran and loved it, and interesting enough, visited Somalia aside from other locations.

Taking the tram into town from the bus station, I met a very beautiful Turkish girl, she didn’t speak any English, however, I did say hello and introduced myself. One thing about a Muslim woman, I am convinced that they would make a very good wife and are very good at mothering children. Although, marrying a woman from a traditional culture includes the family. I am meant to live single, but it is just the concept. I have had plenty of opportunities to pursue a relationship with an interested onlooker of the Arab and Turkish cultures. The Muslim women are very loyal, and dedicated in marriage, except for a beauty loss as the age increases and possible weight gain. In contrast, the Eastern European women who can retain their completion as the age increases.

My perception in regards to travel has changed, although it has almost been two years since I departed America; the charm and drive wears off unless a person is trying to become popular or make money from traveling and blogging. This winter I will contemplate the best alternative direction to pursue. The biggest dilemma while traveling is my digestion; my digestion suffers because I am used to eating home cooked fresh food. Also, my writing suffers; this last month at the Bulgarian nest I accomplished much writing, and truly enjoy writing on a spiritual level. To effectively write within a spiritual level requires solitude, a daily routine, a quiet atmosphere. Actively traveling can be energetically depleting, and an exhausted chemistry inhibits effective cogitative thinking and writing.

I am contemplating on a lifestyle/traveling idea that might seem a little out of the ordinary, I will write in more detail this winter.

Tomorrow I am heading back to Istanbul and will be back in Bulgaria soon. I am looking forward to seeing my cat, if he survived the ordeal of staying outside, the girls in the village (I bought gifts for them) and cooking some lentils, rice and oats. The food in Koyna is the best in Turkey, however, to much meat. I am bringing an assortment of seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) and lots apple tea including some Turkish black tea back for the winter. The apple tea might have sugar, but no caffeine.

Traditional Turkish Food!

Monday, October 12th, 2009
Many readers might remember when I was in Urgup last year I posted a review on the Ailanpa Cafe & Wine House. I am back here enjoying grandmas home cooked traditional turkish cuisine.