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Luxury at Hotel La Residencia, Mallorca, Spain

Thursday, April 8th, 2010
Hotel La Residencia, Mallorca, Spain

Hotel La Residencia, Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca From a Local’s Perspective

Want to see Mallorca, Spain from a local’s perspective? Ask for Pancho, Lluna or Alba during your visit to the Hotel La Residencia, a luxury hotel and spa in Mallorca, Spain. Any of these three guides will take you to the mountains, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean sea below. While they may not speak your language, the guides will carry a gourmet  picnic up into the hillside above the historic Mallorcan manor house.


See Mallorca from a local's perspective - Hotel La Residencia Tour Guides Pancho, Alba and Lluna

Mallorca from a local's perspective - Hotel La Residencia Tour Guides Pancho, Alba and Lluna

Gourmet Picnic in Mallorca, Spain

That’s right, three donkeys, Pancho and his sisters Lluna and Alba, will carry a gourmet picnic, up the newly constructed nature trial for guests to take in the views of the Tramuntana mountains and the Mediterranean Sea while enjoying lunch above Hotel La Residencia in Mallorca, Spain. Don’t act so surprised; donkeys have played an important role in Mallorcan life. The sturdy, sure-footed mules have been used to carry goods, as well as cart children,  from the villages to the mountain homes on the island of Mallorca.

Like many of the Balearic islands,  Mallorca is a small Mediterranean island, yet it offers luxury lodging, dining and spa services.

Gourmet Picnic To Go

For a truly Mallorcan experience, the Hotel La Residencia staff will prepare a picnic of local bread, olive oil, tomatoes, cheese and Mallorca’s cold meats and island sausages. The price of the gourmet picnic, including  guide and donkey, is 65 euros, (approximately $88 United States dollars.)  Hotel La Residencia is a traditional Mallorcan country manor house designed to combine elegance with romantic seclusion. Overlooking the village of Deia, the 67 room luxury hotel also includes a spa. Room rates at Hotel La Residencia range fro Euro 355 (approximately $478 USD) to Euro 570 (approximately $768 USD) for a standard double room.

From Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip

If You Go:

Hotel La Residencia

Mallorca, Spain

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Read’s Hotel Mallorca, Spain

Island Villa Stays at Read’s

Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Sunny Read's on Mediterranean Mallorca

Sunny Read's on Mediterranean Mallorca

I visited Read’ s on a fine spring day in May 2009. Landing in Mallorca, one of Spain’s Mediterranean Islands, I was immediately hit by the quality of light on Mallorca, which is overwhelmingly bright and clear.

I picked up my rental car and drove to Read’s just an hour from the airport in Palama de Mallorca. Mallorca is not a big island, none of the Balearic Islands are, but the roads are small and it takes time to get from point A to point B.

Read’s could be called a luxury Inn or Boutique hotel, or even an elegant Bed and Breakfast. Family-run, Read’s has an interesting story. Mr Read bought the building about 20 years ago when it was nothing more than a pile of stones. He decided to change his life, and sold everything in London and moved his family to Mallorca to renovate the old island farmhouse into the charming Mediterranean Villa Read’ s it is today.

Mr Read loves antiques and brought an enormous collection of antique furniture with him from London. The Villa is decorated throughout with these antiques, plus vibrant frescoes, and wild color combinations. Read’s is nothing if not unique.

Read’s offers one of the best restaurants on the island, a bar, two pools and spa treatments. Additional dining and nightlife options can be found about an hour away in Mallorca’s largest city, Palma.


Photo Credit: The Spain Scoop