Rent a Rural House in Tarragona, Catalonia

Castle Miravet, Spain

For families, groups or friends or for people who want to get a little closer to the local culture, renting a rural house in Spain is the way to go. Many times it is also less expensive to rent a rural house than it is to rent a hotel. Plus, when renting a house you have use of the kitchen to make large meals with ingredients bought at the village market.

Casa Gran and Casa Petita in southern Catalonia’s Tarragona region are two superb options for rural stays. The large house, Casa Gran has 8 bedrooms, all of them with their own bathroom. It also has a pool, a basketball and tennis court and a outdoor brick barbecue perfect for grilling Catalan sausage and Mediterranean fish. You could have quite a party in this Casa Gran!

The smaller Casa Petita could be a good option for couples. An adorable stone building, the Casa Petita sleeps 4 and has 1 bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. The Casa Peitia rents for 100 Euros a night in high season and less in low season, and I would bet there are special offers and room for negotiation with the price this year, because of the financial crisis in Spain. The Casa Gran rents for 700 Euros a night in high season. It is not necessary to rent the whole house, the Casa Gran can also be rented in parts. Usually lower rates are available for longer stays.

Ebro River Spain near Casa Gran

Staying in this area of Tarragona you’ll be near the Ebro River, and will have the chance to take a look at the many ancient and historic towns that are set riverside. One of the must-see’s on the region is the village Miravet, with its Ebro-facing stone houses and hilltop castle. From the roof of the castle the view of the River Ebro goes on for miles and peacefulness is overwhelming.

The view goes on and on from the top of the Miravet Castle

The view goes on and on from the top of the Miravet Castle

For booking and information on Casa Gran, see their website:

Photo Credit: The Spain Scoop

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